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12 Ways to Use WhatsApp to Win More Customers

Table of Contents


12 Strategies to Win More Customers via WhatsApp

1. Have a Networking Strategy

If you want to win more customers via WhatsApp, regularly add new contacts and connect with potential interests. Build relationships and stay in touch outside the app.

2. Furnish Your WhatsApp Business Profile

When setting up your WhatsApp Business profile, include vital information like business name, logo, contact details, and a brief description of your business. Use quality graphic design to make your profile appealing.

3. Post on Your Status Regularly

Regularly post on your WhatsApp status to build trust, show activity, and attract potential customers. The frequency of posts depends on your business type, with at least once a day recommended.

4. Do not Underestimate the Power of Content Marketing

Use content marketing to attract and retain customers. Post relevant content with links back to your website. Be careful not to spam and ensure the promotion fits the conversation.

5. Know Thy Buyer

Understand your audience, customers, and their problems. Tailor your approach to their needs and concerns to effectively use WhatsApp as a tool to reach new customers.

6. Make Use of Chat Labels

Implement chat labels to follow up with prospects at each stage of their interest. This helps understand their needs and maintain a natural conversation without being too salesy.

7. Create a Lead Generation Strategy

Generate leads via WhatsApp by sending product or service information directly, offering discounts, and creating irresistible offers. Label potential customers as leads for effective follow-up.

8. Learn how to make use of WhatsApp Stickers

Utilize WhatsApp Stickers in marketing campaigns, customer service, order confirmations, sales, and special offers. Personalize stickers for a more engaging and relatable communication.

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9. Create an effective welcome message

Craft an engaging welcome message to make a positive first impression. An effective welcome message can contribute to longer customer retention and increased spending.

10. Utilize Group Chats

Utilize WhatsApp group chats for Q&A sessions, marketing campaigns, surveys, and live chat sessions. Offer discounts and promotions, and join groups where your ideal clients might be.

11. Ask Questions To Create An Effective Customer Survey

Create a customer survey by asking questions that help you understand their needs and pain points. Use WhatsApp to reach out to potential customers and gather valuable insights.

12. Send Out Informative Messages

Send out informative messages instead of just promotional material. Consumers are more likely to engage with useful and interesting content. Automate replies to maintain responsiveness.

In conclusion, excelling as an entrepreneur on WhatsApp requires a combination of effective strategies. Read more articles for staying ahead of the competition and writing winning ads.


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