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The Power of Creativity: How to Unleash Your Imagination

Table of Contents


We often take for granted our ability to imagine, but creativity can mean the difference between success and failure in any area of your life, including business or school. Whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to think up the next big idea or a student needing to visualize what it will be like after you graduate from college, unlocking your creative potential can have far-reaching benefits, but it isn’t always easy.

Your imagination can take you to places in your mind that you’d never be able to experience in real life — and this imaginative power can be harnessed to help you do and achieve great things, both personally and professionally.

There are several ways to unlock your creative potential and let it shine, so you can enjoy the benefits of living life according to your own imagination. In this article, we break down the science behind your imagination and offer some suggestions on how to put it to use in any situation you encounter.

Let’s Get Creative

Creativity is often perceived as an innate talent that some have and others don’t, but it can be learned by anyone. In her book, Creative Living, Barbara T. Koler says, “Creative living has become a necessity in our highly competitive world.” Being creative can also help you come up with solutions to problems that you may not otherwise find if you are only using logic or technical skill-sets. According to Koler, one exercise for developing creativity is free association.

Begin with a word and write the first word that comes into your head. “When I did this exercise, my responses were: coffee, tea, kettle, wine glass (for water), water bottle. From there, I considered whether I preferred tea or coffee; what time of day I would prefer these drinks; what glassware I typically drink from; what kinds of beverages people drink at work; where they keep their drinks… and so on. What does this tell me about myself? It could be something like ‘I’m usually trying to stay hydrated throughout the day, I’m trying to have a more healthy lifestyle, or I like working on projects outside’.”

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Notice how little effort was necessary to produce four different ideas based on one initial thought? These exercises are designed to get your brain thinking creatively and will soon make these types of processes second nature.

Tips To Unleashing Your Creativity

Creativity is the source of change, innovation, and progress. A creative mind can also be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Here are some tips on how you can unleash your imagination and creativity:

  • Create a space for yourself where you can let your thoughts flow freely without distraction.
  • Avoid social media and other distractions like TV or video games that might take up valuable time.
  • Write down everything that comes to mind. It’s okay if it sounds silly; we all have crazy thoughts sometimes. The point is not to judge yourself but simply to get everything out so you can start organizing it in order of importance or ideas about what direction you want the project to go in.
  • Keep an idea journal or sketchbook with notes from conversations, observations, and thoughts related specifically to the project.
  • Schedule time each day (ideally morning) for quiet contemplation about your project. Journaling may work better at night when you’re feeling more relaxed after a busy day.
  • Find mentors who are working artists in the same field and reach out to them through email, Facebook, or Twitter—ask them how they achieved their success and if they would be willing to offer feedback on your work.
  • Listen carefully and learn from those who have gone before you. Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel. Spend some time researching similar projects done by others before designing something new. There is no shame in borrowing ideas as long as you add your own unique twist!
  • Stay humble and don’t forget to stop making art every now and then just for fun! We tend to grow too accustomed to our own routines, which makes it difficult to come up with new ideas.
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Brainstorming Techniques

There are many different ways to brainstorm. Some people like to start with a central idea and see where it leads. Others prefer a more free-form approach. Brainstorming can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, but make sure you don’t restrict yourself by coming up with too many rules or guidelines before the process begins.

Some people find that using mind mapping software helps them get their thoughts out on paper. It’s also helpful for organizing your ideas and seeing how they’re related. Whether you use pen and paper or digital tools, there’s no right way to go about it—just explore what works best for you.

Keep it Simple

Creativity is not something that can be taught, but it can be nurtured. A creative mind is a powerful thing, and with the right environment, you could be an unstoppable force. Here are some simple steps to make your creativity grow:

  1. Be inspired by what you see around you;
  2. Experiment with various mediums;
  3. Experiment with new things;
  4. Keep a journal;
  5. Be open-minded;
  6. Be patient;
  7. Give your ideas some time to percolate;
  8. Just do it!

A great way to get inspired is through nature. Nature has such a calming effect on us as humans. It’s also interesting because we can find beauty all around us—in the small details. Getting out and exploring nature will help your creativity flow! Also, don’t underestimate the power of playtime! The key word here is play. Playtime allows you to think freely without having any limitations set for yourself.

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Get Inspiration from Unexpected Sources

Creativity is all around you, so it’s up to you to find it. Don’t be afraid to explore new avenues and experiment with different ways of thinking. You don’t need a pen and paper or any expensive equipment in order to unleash your imagination. Instead, take a walk in the park, go for a drive, or do something mundane like washing dishes or mowing the lawn.

Get creative! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as your mind is at work on whatever problem that needs solving. Get inspired by watching documentaries; reading an inspiring book; visiting an art gallery; talking to someone interesting; anything that puts your brain into gear! The point is to get out of the habit of zoning out in front of the TV or staring blankly at Facebook. The key to creativity is actually very simple: just use your brain!

Watch out for Analysis Paralysis

Creative minds can be tricky things. We come up with an idea, we start to work on it, but then something happens and we’re not sure what else to do. This is called “<


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