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Ten “normal” things you do on WhatsApp that are killing your sales

Table of Contents


WhatsApp Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Business Growth

Did you know that the average business owner checks WhatsApp seven times an hour? Did you also know that WhatsApp has 200 million active users with 20 billion messages sent each day? Combine these two statistics, and you’ll find that most businesses are using WhatsApp in their day-to-day activities, not just to communicate with colleagues and clients but to generate new leads as well.

It’s true that even the slightest mistake in your marketing strategy can cost you new customers and clients, which is why it’s important to be aware of how your use of WhatsApp impacts your ability to grow your business.

1) Always Flooding Status with Products

Instead of publishing long lists of the same or similar sets of products every day, be creative with your posts. Share inspirational, educational, or entertaining content linked to your niche. Engage with followers through meaningful conversations, and avoid excessive spam. Include pictures of yourself using your products, add links to new arrivals and special offers, and use relevant hashtags. Be more conversational than promotional and respond to questions in the comments.

2) No DP or Irrelevant DP

Ensure your Display Picture (DP) is relevant to your business. Avoid using unrelated images or celebrities that don’t represent your business. Your DP should ideally be a representation of you or your business, helping to build a positive and serious image.

3) Using Disappearing Messages

Be cautious with disappearing messages, as it may create an impression of insincerity or scamming. Use this feature only with mutual agreement and set clear expectations upfront. Clients prefer secure and authentic communication.

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4) Turning Off Read Receipts

Avoid turning off read receipts, as it may give the impression of ignoring clients. Use automated messages to acknowledge receipt of messages and assure clients that their messages are seen and acknowledged.

5) Not Having a Catalog

Upload a thorough catalog to your WhatsApp business profile. A well-organized catalog encourages purchases and provides information on products, avoiding the need for clients to inquire about prices. Present a professional image with diverse products and price ranges.

6) Not Always Online

Maintain an active online presence, especially if your business involves the internet. Inform clients if you’ll be offline for an extended period, preventing them from reaching out when urgent help or advice is needed.

7) You Don’t Market Enough

Prioritize marketing efforts as it can make a significant difference in your business. Share engaging content, photos, videos, and links to attract and retain followers. Utilize strategic timings for posts to maximize visibility.

8) You Don’t Give Them A Deadline

Create a sense of urgency by giving potential clients a deadline. Encourage them to make a decision and set up autoresponder sequences to remind them. Deadlines are effective in prompting action and closing deals.

9) You Offer Vague Information about yourself and your Business

Provide specific information about your business, avoiding vague descriptions. Share details about the type of products or services you offer, the company’s story, and why customers should care. Encourage interaction by asking questions.

10) You Don’t Have a Strong Brand Personality

Develop a consistent and relatable brand personality. Share personal and company-related information to connect emotionally with your audience. Regular storytelling and engagement build trust and loyalty among your community.

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In conclusion, there’s no right or wrong way to market your business on WhatsApp, but certain practices can significantly impact your growth. Experiment with different approaches, stay strategic, and remember that consistency is key.


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